2 Dec

This video is one of the best I’ve seen on this subject.


ISRAEL : Terror On The School Yard


Now What ? Dear Friends..

Now There are many more chances that The U.N. Will Turn Against Israel

It Legitimize the condemnation of Israel striking back at all the rockets it gonna receive,

Every move gonna be : How Bad Israel Who doesn’t let itself be annihilate !!

It is that will, that Countries (as mine) did vote !

A move Toward Peace ?

They can’t be that of Idiots, not to know that as long there is Israel There will be NO PEACE, because what they call “Peace” ..is that all Jews Are Killed, and it is not only Israel..it is All jews..

And Christians could thing it doesn’t concern them…Big joke,.,.all Jews were killed that All Infidels should be killed..It Is A Never Ending Story !

A Never Ending Story As Long No One SAYS : STOP !

We are not…

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