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Obama and Radical Islam

30 Nov

Sometimes a president does not get to set his own agenda and this fact is hitting Obama head on. Obama and those around him would rather talk about health care and cap and trade, while putting terrorism on the back burner. Why does Obama refuse to step up to the plate on the terrorist issue? What could be his motive for pushing it to the back burner? Is there something that we are missing? Questions need to be asked and answers given and until that time we can only speculate about his reasons.Does Obama think that Islamic terrorist pose a threat to America? I think not! There is nothing in the history of the man, absolutely nothing to indicate he sees a terrorist threat. In fact when one looks at his history, one could easily conclude that he has a soft spot in his heart for Islam(based on his family background), and one could just as easily conclude that he views terrorist as freedom fighters in an ongoing revolution that will establish a new order. One could go a step further and say that many of Obama’s actions or lack of action give aid and comfort to Islamic terrorist. Sure we are engaged in a war in  Afghanistan against those radicals, but that is a  conflict left over by the Bush administration and one, that Obama dares not abandon, at this time. He will, however cut the funding and cut the troop numbers requested by his generals while giving lip service our military efforts. In conclusion Obama by not giving the terrorist the back of his hand has in effect extended a hand to radical Islam and other enemies of America. They see Obama as weak and indecisive and therefore an America open to attack.